MARSHALL TAX & FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC. is a full-service tax prep firm. We will handle your tax preparation, tax filing. We also offer IRS audit assistance (currently only for current and past clients) and Tax amendment assistance. Established in Chicago, IL for personal and business clients. With over one and a half-decade of experience, we continue to work towards making the tax filing process the way it should be easy, fast, affordable – step-by-step. Our company offers a blend of representatives and specialists with the expertise of accounting, bookkeeping, and taxation services to help you do your taxes quickly and hassle-free. We always stand one step ahead with up-to-date tax information, and amendments by the IRS.


Why Us? 

Personal Tax Service: Get the best consultation of personal tax preparation in the USA by a team of trained, experienced, and qualified experts here. We make a detailed report on the current picture of your personal & individual tax position with the minimum and legally allowed tax amount. Additionally, MARSHALL TAX & FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC. also provides the best alternatives to file your personal tax returns along with the future of planning of personal tax.



Business Tax Service: Businessmen have a limited period of time for corporate tax preparation and we act accordingly. Doing your taxes yourself may sound like money-saving at first, but a single mistake can cost big bucks and a huge disaster to the business holders in the long run. As IRS regulations get stricter day-by-day, we closely examine all the money-saving deductions and valuable credits that can help your business to reduce the tax bill.

The ever-changing tax codes, tax rates, tax brackets are a hectic burden. We are always ready to save your taxes and take that burden with the best tax service in Chicago, IL that can file your returns with the maximum of refunds. Contact Us Today!