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Basic Package includes: Verify Company Name Availability, Preparation of Articles of Organization, Document Filing with Secretary of State, Statement of the Organizer, Online Access to your Incorporation Documents, Lifetime Customer Support (email)

– Verify Company Name Availability: Before we submit your paperwork to the state, we will verify that your chosen business name is available. If your business name is unavailable, we will promptly contact you for alternate names. (*Basic & **Full Package)

– Preparation of Articles of Organization: Following a thorough review of the information you provide, we will create and complete all the necessary paperwork to incorporate your business. (*Basic & **Full Package)
– Document Filing w/ Secretary of State: After the preparation of your incorporation documents, we will file all required documents with the Secretary of State to legally incorporate your business. Following the Secretary of State’s approval of your incorporation documents, your official Certificate of Incorporation (Articles of Incorporation) will be issued and delivered to you. (*Basic & **Full Package)
– Statement of Organizer: The Statement of the Organizer is a document created by the Organizer that passes the elements of control over to the initial members of the LLC. MTFS will provide a signed and dated Statement of the Organizer for your business. This is included with your chosen package and can be used to assist in the opening of a business bank account. (*Basic & **Full Package)
– Online Access: With your MTFS account, you will be able to access your incorporation documents online 24/7. You will also be able to download your documents anytime you wish. (*Basic & **Full Package)

– Lifetime Customer Service: We know that starting a business can be stressful and confusing at times, so we constantly strive to provide our customers with fast and friendly customer service. Just give us a call, we are happy to help! (*Basic & **Full Package)

– FREE Domain Name: Through our partnership you will receive a FREE domain name for one year (.com, .net, .biz, etc.) for your new company PLUS information with setting up your company email and website. (*Basic & **Full Package)
– Obtain Federal Tax ID (EIN): The primary purpose of an EIN is to allow the IRS to identify your company just as your social security number identifies you. An Employer Identification Number is a 9-digit code assigned to your company by the IRS. Obtaining an EIN is required before you can open a business bank account or hire employees on behalf of your company. We can obtain an EIN from the IRS once your business has been formed saving you valuable time. (**Full Package)
– Custom LLC Operating Agreement: An Operating Agreement is a legal document that governs the owners of an LLC regarding their financial and managerial rights. It is recommended that an LLC have an Operating Agreement in place because it helps shield the Members from being personally liable for the actions of the business. The operating agreement we provide will cover the most used provisions and will be customized according to your company’s information. (**Full Package)
– Custom LLC Banking Resolution: When opening a business bank account, banks often require a Banking Resolution. The Banking Resolution lists the Members and Officers that are authorized to open the bank account and to transact on the account (such as signing checks). The Banking Resolution we provide will be customized according to your company’s information. (**Full Package)
– Custom Organizational Minutes: The first meeting of the Members of an LLC is known as the “Organizational Meeting”. You will need your filed articles of organization and your operating agreement in order to conduct this meeting. The organizational minutes we provide will cover the most needed options and will be customized according to your company’s information. (**Full Package)
– Electronic Delivery of State Documents: Upon receipt of your incorporation documents from the state, we will immediately make them available to you for download via your online MTFS account portal. (**Full Package)
– Customized Digital LLC Kit: Our digital corporate kit includes a wide variety of tools designed to help your company stay compliant.

The kit includes:
Company Seal – Customized digital seal with your company’s name, year formed, and state will allow you to properly mark all your company’s documents. 20 Customized Stock Certificates – Customized stock certificates will allow you to distribute formal ownership documents to your company’s initial owners/shareholders. Ownership ledger – A dedicated and specifically designed ownership ledger will allow you to properly document all your company’s ownership transfers. (**Full Package)

Prices are subject to revision by MTFS without notice and will be applicable as on date.
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